Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Sugar Free Whole Wheat Walnut Cookies

 Its a very simple cookie recipe. I liked the taste very much and ill bake again.I mentioned as sugar free because i replaced the sugar with sweetener.

I'm doing this for Thanks giving day long week end trip . My hubby in strict weight loss diet to maintain his calorie in take i substituted the sugar with zero calorie sweetener.

whole wheat flour          1 cup
Sugar                          1/2 cup
Walnut slices                1/4 cup
cardamom powder         1/2 tsp
Unsalted butter            4 Tbsp
Milk                            1/4 cup
salt                            1/4 tsp

Soften the butter by bring it room temperature 1/2 - 1 hour before making the dough.

In a bowl mix well the dry ingredients , next add butter , milk and make a soft dough.
Divide the dough into equal size balls. Flatten the balls using your palm gently.

Preheat the oven to 360 degree F.

Place the flatten balls in a baking tray. Leave a inch space between the cookies.Because while baking cookies size will get increase.

Bake it about 20 minutes or until it turns light golden brown.

Let it cool for 3 to 4 minutes before serving.

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IMG_5362 - Copy  Cooking Whole Foods–Whole Wheat Flour and  Kiran's cooking with whole wheat.


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