Thursday, March 28, 2013

Oats, Nuts and Dates Laddo - Sugar free

I always bored to take a Dates as it.So i add dates in milkshake and in some other form.In my pantry last cup of oats sitting for long time.To empty the pocket i tried this laddo and come out very well.
Very tasty and healthy laddo.

Oats                               1 cup

Dates                             10 - 12Nos

Nuts                               1/2 cup (Cashew,Walnut and Almonds)

Ghee / Oil                     To make balls

Dry roast and powder the oats in a blender.

Powder the nuts and make a paste of dates.

Mix the above ingredients and make a ball using ghee or oil.

Tasty and Healthy laddo ready to serve.


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