Saturday, December 21, 2013

Chum Chum - SFC #3

Chum Chum or Cham Cham is a traditional Bengali recipe. Its more delicious and can served in different way. Making this chum chum for Sweet Fantasy Group of  Simply Tadka.

For this group we need to cook two common sweet recipes and post on every month of 21st and 22nd. One of these will be Indian sweet or desserts,another one will be International or fusion desserts.

Recipe Adapted From : BoldSky

Milk                              4 cups

Lemon Juice                 2 Tbsp

Sugar                           2 cups

Water                            4 cups

Saffron                         Few strands

Food color                  A pinch (optional)


In a heavy bottom pan , heat milk. When starts boiling add lemon juice tbsp by tbsp.

Milk will start curdle ,when the whey completely separated remove from heat.

Line the colander with muslin cloth and pour the curdled milk.

Paneer will be separated in the cloth. Gently rinse it cold water , to get rid of the lemon falvour.

Tie the end of the clothes , rain the water completely by hanging it for an hour.

After the water drained completely, knead it into smooth and soft dough using your Palm.

 Divide the Paneer into equal size balls and make a log shape.

In a pan, add water and bring it boil. When it boils add sugar ,Saffron mix well until it completely dissolves. Boil in a medium flame.

Gently put the shaped paneer into sugar syrup and bring it to boil.Boil for a minute and then reduce to medium flame.

Cover and cook it for 10 -15 Minutes.  Paneer will absorb water and increase in size ,at that time open the lid and cook it until the balls turns sponge.Switch off the flame and let it cool.

Remove it from sugar syrup ,squeeze excess syrup and garnish with Saffron strands or nuts.

Serve it chill.


  • If you want add food color to while kneading Paneer.

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