Thursday, May 29, 2014

Kollu Urundai | Horsegram Laddu

While watching some cooking videos in YouTube, i saw one video named as "kollu laddu". Immediately i choose that video to watch. The channel has many cooking videos with traditional food items. After watching some videos i searched amount the author and came to know that , he wrote one cook book named "Nalla Soru" and it contains many traditional food items. Me and hubby are big fan of traditional foods so ordered the book through online, so i can able to learn traditional recipes.  Here is my first recipe from that book.

We almost about forgot our traditional food items , but  fortunately the awareness is picking up now.


Kollu /Horsegram      1 cup

Jaggery                      1 cup

Ghee                          3 -4 tsp

Cashew Nuts            few

Raisins                     few


In a pan dry roast the kollu for 3 - 4 minutes and let it cool down.Once cool down Blend it as powder in a blender.

Shred the jaggery and keep aside. In a mix bowl , mix powdered kollu and jaggery

Heat ghee in a pan , fry cashews and raisins .Mix along with the kollu and jaggery mixture and make a ball.


If not able to make a ball , use some more ghee or milk.

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