Monday, June 30, 2014

Watermelon Lemonade | Summer Drink

Watermelon lemonade is the beset refreshing summer drink.After long winter summer started here in Chicago.Needed more refreshing drink to beat the heat. Made this watermelon with freshly prepared lemon juice.


Watermelon cubed                 4 cups

Lemon juice                          1/4 cup (freshly prepares)

Sugar                                   as per taste

Ice cubes                             few


In a blender blend the watermelon with ice cubes and Strained through the fine filter.

Stir the sugar, lemon juice until sugar dissolves.

Pour into serving glasses and serve chill.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Sweet Corn Kurma

Eating chapthi daily for lunch will be boring with same kind of sabji's ,want make different gravy. I'm running out of vegetables.Had a frozen sweet corn in fridge and tried this kurma. These sweet corn kurma is a perfect side dish for Roti or chapathi.Really delicious recipe


Sweet corn          3/4 cup (Frozen)

Onion                 1 No

Tomato              1 No

Green chilli       2 Nos

Grated Coconut  1/2 cup

Poppy seeds        1 tsp

Milk                  1/4 cup

Ginger garlic paste 1 tsp

Red chilli powder   1 tsp

Coriander Powder  2 tsp

Garam masala         1/4 tsp

Salt to taste

To Temper

Cinnamon       1 inch

Clove              2 Nos

Fennel seeds   1 tsp (Powdered)


Soak the poppy seeds in 2 tsp of warm water for 15 - 20 minutes. Microwave the sweet corn for 3 minutes in high and keep aside

In a pan , dry roast the coconut until slightly browned and keep aside. In a same pan roast the green chilli and tomato.

Blend the roasted ingredients  and keep aside.

Heat oil in a pan ,add "To temper" item ,once splutter add ginger garlic paste and cook til golden brown.

Now add onion and cook til translucent. Add the grounded paste cook til raw smell goes.

Add chilli powder,coriander powder and garam masala . Mix well until spices coated.Add 1/2 cup of water and milk. Let it boil for 3 -5 minutes.

Now add cooked corn kernels, if you want add some more water and  cook for 2-3 minutes.

Garnish with coriander leaves and serve with Roti or pulka.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Moong Sprouts Fried Rice | Green Gram Sprouts Fried Rice

Moong sprouts fried rice is a protein rich rice dish. Two days back i soaked green gram for making pesaratu.Retained some green gram to make sprouts. When I bookmarked this recipe from Sharmi's Passion made my mind that i should do this recipe when making sprouts again. So without second that i made this recipe with the sprouted green gram.


Sprouted Moong Bean             1/2cup

Basmati Rice                        1 cup

Spring onion                        4 -5 Strands

Carrot                                  1 No

Cabbage                              1/4 cup

Garlic                                  2 pods

Ginger                                 2 Nos

Soya Sauce                          1 tsp

Pepper Powder                   1 tsp

Oil                                     2 tbsp

Salt to taste


In a blender , grind garlic and green chilli into a paste.Chop the vegetables finely.Soak Basmati rice for 30minutes before cooking.Pressure cook it with 1 1/2 cup of water for 3 hisses.

Cook the sprouted mong dal in a pan with little water until mushy. Separate the cooked water and sprout.Keep it aside.

Heat oil in a heavy bottomed pan,add chopped spring onion (reserve some for garnishing) and saute for 2 minutes.

Then add garlic and greenchilli paste and saute until raw smell goes. Add carrot and cabbage saute till cook.

Now add sprouts and cooked water. Keep saute for 2 -3 minutes.Now add soya sauce , pepper powder and required amount of salt.Give a quick stir to mix well.

Now add rice and mix well. Garnish with remaining spring onion and serve.

Serve along with any manchurian as a side.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Mango Dates Milkshake

For this month Shh cooking challenge I'm paired with Pirya from Priya's Menu. She gave me mango and dates as a ingredients. First i thought of making mango cake with homemade date syrup. But the date syrup didn't come out well. Tried twice so dropped the plan and made this simple milkshake.


Mango                1 cup

Milk                    2 cup

Dates Syrup        2 tsp

Honey                 2 -3 tsp


Peel the skin and chop the mangoes.

In blender, blend the mango , dates syrup and honey into a thick first.

Then add milk and blend it for few seconds.Mango milkshake is ready.Now transfer it to serving glass and serve chill.


Honey can be replaced with sugar. Adjust the sweetness according to your taste.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Cheddar and oregano scones

Scone is a single serving cake or quick bread. It can be both savory and sweet .For this month baking partner challenge Archana of The Mad Scientist's Kitchen suggested two recipes tart and scone. I preferred scone since it easy to do.Thanks Swathi and Archana for suggesting these recipe.Otherwise i wont try these kinds of baking.



All purpose flour               1 1/4 cup

Baking Powder                  1 1/2 tsp

Salt                                    1/4 tsp

Butter                                4 tbsp

Pepper                               a pinch

Buttermilk                        4 oz

Oregano                           1 1/2 tbsp

Cheddar cheese grated    1 cup


Preheat the oven to 440F. Grease or line the baking sheet with parchment paper.

In a bowl,mix flour,salt,baking powder and pepper. Rub the butter with mixture until resembles crumbs.

Mix 1/2 of cheese and 1 tbsp of oregano. Make a well in the center and pour buttermilk.

Knead well till the forms soft dough. In a clean work surface, dust the flour and knead well.

Roll the dough into 3cm thick circle.Cut in quarters then the quarters again to get 8 sectors.

Transfer in to baking sheet and sprinkle remaining cheese and oregano on top.Bake it for 15 - 20 minutes.Serve warm with butter.


The original recipe called for cup of self raising flour i replaced with all purpose flour and baking powder.

Dried Oregano can be replace with fresh or dried sage

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Kelvaragu Biscuits | Ragi Cookies | Finger Millet Cookies

Finger millet is rich in fiber an iron. Including these minerals in kids diet good for their growth.I'm trying to introduce grains to my lil one. He prefers ragi in baking rather than in cooking. He likes cookies so thought to make Ragi cookies. These cookies perfect for tea time snacks 


Finger Millet Flour / Ragi                1 cup

Sugar                                                1/2 cup

All purpose flour                             1/4 cup

unsweetened Coco powder             1 tbsp

Yogurt                                             1 tbsp

Baking powder                               1 tsp

Cinnamon                                       1 tsp


Preheat the oven to 350F . Grease or line the baking sheet with parchment paper.

Dry roast the ragi flour for 2- 3 minutes and let it cool.

In a mixing bowl , mix ragi,all purpose flour,coco powder ,baking powder and cinnamon.

In a separate bowl mix melted butter , yogurt and sugar,until sugar dissolved. Mix dry ingredients with wet ingredients and form stiff dough.

Divide the dough into equal sized balls and flatten them in baking sheet using your palm.

Bake it for  10-15 minutes or until done. Cool it for  minutes and then serve.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Hot chocolate using Homemade chocolate syrup

Chocolate is a magic word for kids. My SIL's daughter , will do anything for chocolate. She doesn't like milk. So to make her drink milk and make this chocolate syrup since she is a big fan of chocolate. Now she started drinking milk because of the chocolate flavor. Homemade' s always better than the store bought one.

Linking this recipe to Friendship 5 series event started by Savitha and Geetha as theme of Fast Food for Kids

Ingredients for Chocolate Syrup

Unsweetened Coco powder                1/2 cup

Sugar                                                   1/2 cup

Water                                                   1/2 cup

Salt                                                      1/4 tsp

Vanilla Extract                                   1 tsp


In a pan, whisk together the cocoa powder and sugar until blended. 
Add the water and 1/4 teaspoon of the salt, and whisk over medium heat until boiling, stir constantly.
Continue boiling until mixture thickens, about 3 - 4 minutes. 
Remove from heat and stir in the vanilla. Cool.Store syrup in an airtight glass container in the refrigerator. It can kept, for at least a month.
For making Hot chocolate
Use 2 tsp of chocolate syrup and mix well with milk , add pinch of cinnamon if you like and mix well.

Add more or less syrup according to your taste.

Taste depends on the quality of coco powder used.



Baked Doughnut with chocolate glaze

Doughnut is one of the kids favorite dish.These doughnuts are baked not fried and so simple to make.These little baked treats are nice and fluffy.Sending this recipe to Friendship 5 series hosted by Savitha and Geetha as theme of Fast food for Kids.


All purpose Flour                    2 1/2 cup

Sugar                                       3/4 cup

Yeast                                       11/2 tsp

Milk                                        3/4 cup

Butter                                      1 tbsp (Melted)

Vanilla Extract                        1 tsp

Chocolate glaze

Chocolate chip                      1/2 cup

Butter                                   2 tbsp


Warm milk in microwave for 30sec , add the yeast  to the milk and wait till the mixture raise.

In a bowl mix the flour,sugar and butter . Make a well in the center and pour the yeast mixture and form a  dough.

Rest the dough for an hour in a warm place. The dough will be doubled in size.Pouch down and knead the dough well.

Now in clean work surface , dust some flour and roll the dough into 1/2 thickness using rolling pin. Dust 2 round cutter or vessel, one should be smaller than first. Using bigger round cutter or any other round shaped vessel cut the dough. Using another round cutter or vessel t one and make a hole.

Bake it in a Preheated 400F oven for 10 - 15 minutes. Don't overheat the doughnut , then it will become harder

Chocolate Glaze

Melt butter and chocolate chip in microwave for 40 minutes. Stir it with spoon and until no lumps.

Dip each doughnut top side and let it dry.You can sprinkle;e any toppings on that.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Chilli Cheese Toast | Bread recipe for Kids

Chilli cheese toast is one of the quickest and yummiest recipe . Needs very few ingredients and gets ready in no time.Cheese mixed with green chillies, and capsicum applied on brown bread slices and baked in oven will make great breakfast or snack recipe. I'm not able click good picture since i did it hurry and  used less cheese.

Sending this recipe to Friendship 5 series hosted by Savitha and Geetha as theme of Fast food for Kids.


Bread slices                 2 nos

Cheese                         4 tbsp

Chilli                           2 Nos

Capsicum                   2 tbsp

Pepper powder          1/4 tsp

Oregano                    1/4 tsp

Salt for taste


Chop the chilli and capsicum.In a bowl , mix cheese ,capsicum,chilli ,pepper powder and oregano.

Preheat the oven to 300F. Sprinkle the cheese mixture into the bread slices.

Sprinkle some oregano and bake it for 3 - 5 minutes or until cheese melts.

Cut diagonally serve hot with sauce of your choice.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Fish Fingers

My SIL and her daughter came to our home. Because of that I'm not able to touch the laptop to do any post.Maintaining two toddlers in same home its a really tough job. They both fight for same toys.The only place both won't fight is a dinning area. These Fish fingers i made them for evening snacks.They both enjoyed the fish fingers.Made this with less spicy since I'm made for them. If you need little spicy can add chilli powder and coriander powder while marinating.
 Linking this recipe to Friendship 5 series event started by Savitha and Geetha as theme of Fast Food for Kids


Fish Fillets                 4 Nos

Pepper powder         2 tsp

Lemon Juice             1 tbsp

Bread crumbs          1/2 cup

Egg                          1 No

Corn Flour              2 tbsp

Salt                         as required

oil                          for


Clean and wash the fish fillets. Cut the fillets like fingers

Marinate the fish with lime juice, pepper powder and salt for 2 -3 hours.

Heat oil in a pan for deep frying. While oil getting hot , beat egg add corn flour gradually and mix well.

Take one fish finger and dip into egg mixture and coat with bread crumbs. Do the same thing for remaining pieces.

When oil is hot put the coated fishes into oil and fry till done.Remove the excess oil using paper towel.

Serve it along with the ketchup or dip of your choice.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Homemade French Fries

French Fries am sure all kids are love it. My lil one is not an exception. He loves the store bought one.I don't want to give him a store bought so i decided to try in home.Home made is always a better one. Linking this recipe to Friendship 5 series event started by Savitha and Geetha as theme of Fast Food for Kids


Potato              1 No

Oil                   For deep frying

Salt for taste


Wash and peel potato.

Cut the potato in lengthwise. Now keep the chopped potato in a warm water with some salt.(Keeping in warm will remove the starches and it will not stick into each other )

Mean while heat oil for deep frying. Drain the water and pat dry the chopped potato with the clean kitchen towel.

Put the dried pieces into oil and fry until golden brown. Drain the excess oil using tissue.

Sprinkle some salt on the fries and serve.


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