Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Ragi Malt

As i am following a stick diet, I'm not cooking any thing special to post in blog.I made this ragi malt when i need to fill my tummy with a healthy drink (but i still craved for coffee) .Ragi malt is healthy drink and its a good  replacement for coffee.Including the ragi in diet is good choice for weight loss.


Ragi Flour               3 tbsp

Milk                        2 cups

Almond meal         2 tbsp

Sugar                     2 -3 tbsp

Cardamom           2 Nos


Dry roast the ragi flour until nice aroma comes and keep aside.

In a blender , blend sugar and cardamom ,make a fine powder.

Boil the milk 11/2 cups of milk. Mix ragi flour with 1/2 cup of milk. Once milk boiled , add ragi paste and stir continuously to avoid forming lumps.

Add sugar and cardamom powder and stir well. Now add almond meal and mix well.

Keep stirring until slightly thick like porridge.But still it should be pouring consistency.

Serve hot or cold.


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