Monday, September 29, 2014

Beetroot Poori and Channa Masala | Kids lunch box recipes

Poori is favorite childhood recipe .I hope all kids love Poori. Adding veggie to their favorite recipe as a secret ingredient they wont complain. Beetroot Poori is good way of adding veggie to their diet.
Sending this recipe to  Kids Lunch Box Recipes Book Event organized by Indusladies  and also linking this recipe to Healthy Lunch Box event hosted by me


Beetroot Poori

Wheat flour            1 cup

Beet root                1 medium size

Oil                           2 -3 tsp + deep frying

Salt to taste


Wash and chop the beetroot roughly and blend it in a blender until smooth.If the beetroot is dry while grinding add small amount of water.

In a mixing bowl take wheat flour , salt and 2-3 tsp of oil and mix well. Now add the beetroot puree and form a smooth dough.If required add some water while kneading.Rest it for 10 -15 minutes

Divide the dough into equal size balls and roll into circle using rolling pin. Mean while heat oil in a kadai for deep frying.

Once oil hot put rolled dough into oil and cook on both sides. Repeat the process for remaining dough.

Channa Masala


Channa                           1 cup

Onion                           1/2 No

Tomato                           1/2 No

Ginger Garlic paste        1 tsp

Red chilli powder          2 tsp

Channa Masala Powder 1 tsp

Salt to taste

To saute and grind

Onion                          1 No

Tomato                        2 No

Cinnamon                   1 inch

Clove                         2 Nos

Fennel seeds              1 tsp

Cooked Channa         1 tbsp


Wash and soak channa for overnight. Pressure cook the channa for 4-5 hisses.

Heat a tsp oil in a pan, saute the ingredients given under To saute and grind except channa and let them cool.

Once cooled blended it in a blender along with cooked channa.

Heat oil in a pan,add ginger garlic paste and cook til raw smell goes.Now add onion and cook til translucent.

Now add tomato and cook til mushy. Now add blended masala paste, red chilli powder and channa masala.Cook til the spices cooked well.

Once cooked add water and let it boil for 10 - 15 minutes. Now add cooked Channa dal and cook til your desire gravy consistency.

Garnish with coriander leaves and serve with roti or Poori.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Spinach Rice | Keerai Sadam | Kids Lunch box Recipe

Spinach rice or keerai sadam is a easy one pot meal and easy lunch box recipe. There is varity of ways to prepare this rice. This is one is easy to cook recipe. Including greens in kids diet is good for their health. Sending this recipe to  Kids Lunch Box Recipes Book Event organized by Indusladies  and also linking this recipe to Healthy Lunch Box event hosted by me


Spinach                     1 bunch

Rice                          1 cup

Onion                        1 cup

Tomato                     1 cup

Ginger Garlic paste   1 tsp

Green chilli               2 -3 Nos

Red chilli powder     1 tsp

Cashew                  5 -6 Nos

Salt to taste

To Temper

Bay leaf                   2 Nos

Cinnamon                1 inch

Cardamom              2 Nos

Fennel Seeds          1 tsp


Wash an soak rice for at least  for 30 minutes.

Wash and cut the spinach roughly. Then blend it along with green chilli.

Heat oil in a pressure cooker , add items under To temper once splutter add ginger garlic paste and cook well.

Now add onion ,cook til it translucent and then add tomato and cook till mushy.

Now add spinach puree and cook til raw smell goes.Add chilli powder and mix well

Add 2 cups of water and add required amount of water. Once water comes to boil add rice and cook for 3-4 hisses.

Mean while heat ghee /oil in pan and fry cashew and keep aside.

Once pressure gone put fried cashew and mix well.

Serve it with raita or side dish of your choice.

Paneer Sanwich | Kids Lunch Box Recipes

Making the kid eat is really  tough job and packing lunch for them is really difficult. Still I'm not come to that stage to pack lunch for my little one.I'm very glad to sending this recipe to  Kids Lunch Box Recipes Book Event organized by Indusladies  and also linking this recipe to Healthy Lunch Box event hosted by me


Bread Slices         4 Nos

Onion                   1/2 no

Paneer                   1/2 cup crambled

Green chilli           2 No

Ginger Garlic paste 1 tsp

Red chilli powder     1/2 tsp

Ketchup / Tomato sauce 1 tsp


Heat oil in a pan, add ginger garlic paste and saute well.Add onion and cook til translucent.

Then chilli powder and green chilli and cook well. Add ketchup and mix well.

Now add paneer , mix well and cook for a minute and then switch off the flame.

Trim the edges of  bread. Spread a some paneer stuffing as layer on side and close it another slice of bread, press it well so that it gets sealed.

 Heat pan with oil and toast the bread until it turns golden brown on both sides or you can grill in sandwich maker.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Simit - Turkish sesame seed ring bread

For this month baking partner group challenge Swathi from Zesty South Indian Kitchen suggested this Smith recipe.Simit is a Turkish breakfast bread. Its generally served plain or with tea,cheese or with fruit.Its very famous street food in turkey. I halved the original recipe and got 4 medium size rings.

Recipe Source:Here

All purpose flour          13/4 cup

Instant Yeast                  1 tsp

Salt                                3/4 tsp

Sugar                            a pinch

Water                           1/2 cup

Brown sugar                1 -2 tbsp

Water                           3/4 cup

Sesame seeds             1 cup


If you using active dry yeast dissolve in 100 ml warm water and let it stand for 3 min. 

In a mixing bowl add flour, yeast, salt and pinch of sugar mix well. Then Gradually add water and form smooth dough.Knead well for 10 minutes until the dough non sticky.

Cover the dough and leave it in a warm place for 1.5 hours or until doubled in bulk. 

Turn out the dough into a lightly floured surface and punch down. Knead for 2 min and let them raise for second time.

Divide it into equal pieces and shape them into long rolls. 

Take two rolls and form a twisted rope as shown in the picture. Then form this twisted rope into ring by pressing and sealing the ends together. 

Dissolve the brown sugar in 1/2 cup water and boil it for 5 - 10 minutes.

Dip each ring in brown sugar water first, then in the sesame seeds. Place them in lined baking sheet

Bake them in 450 F Pre-heated oven for 20-25 min or until brown.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Chocolate Banana Bread

It has been long since posted.My little one and my new crush (Candy crush Saga) making me not doing anything when i get a free time.  I had some ripped banana sitting in my kitchen.Already tried Banana Muffin So i this time want to make bread out of it . So with the same recipe added some unsweetened coco powder to it this muffins.These are breads came out perfect. The chocolate and banana flavor are perfect.


All purpose flour                  13/4 cup

Unsweetened Coco powder  1/4 cup

Egg                                       2 Nos

Butter                                    1/2 cup

Chocolate chip or Nuts        1/2 cup (Optional)

Banana                                 3 medium size ripe

Baking Powder                    1 tsp

Baking Soda                        1/4 tsp

Salt                                      1/4 tsp

Vanilla Essence                  1 tsp


Preheat the oven to 350f. Line the loaf pan and keep aside.

In a mixing bowl , sieve all purpose flour ,coco powder,baking powder,baking soda,sugar and salt.

In a separate  bowl mash banana well , combine melted butter and vanilla.

Fold in chocolate chips or nuts. Pour the batter into the lined loaf pan.

Bake it for 50- 55 minutes or until done.Place on a wire rack to cool and then remove from loaf pan.

Slice and serve warm.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Event Announcement - Healthy Lunch Box Ideas for kids

I am happy to announce that the hosting  another event Healthy Diet Event of  Priya from Priya's Versatile Recipes. I have chosen Healthy Lunch Box recipes for kids for this month. Every mom wants their kids eat healthy, so cook up healthy recipe and link it below.

Rules For Event

  • Make a any dish match to the theme.
  • Event runs from Sep 1st to Sep 30st.
  • Veg and Non-veg Dishes are allowed.
  • Use of logo is appreciated as it helps spread the word.
  • Link to this event announcement page and  Priya's announcement page is mandatory.
  • Archived entries are accepted as long as they are linked with both announcements page
  • Please link your entries with the help of the linky tool below. If you have any issues in linking, please send email to with the following details
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Non bloggers can email your entries i can link it here.Send your recipes to above mentioned email id with details


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