Friday, October 10, 2014

Microwave Palkova | Easy Diwali recipe

Palkova is  milk based sweet made by simmering the milk until it reduces it volume.This is really a time consuming process. Microwave palkova  will reduce the generous amount of time rather doing in a traditional method .With less than 3 ingredients we can able to make yummy sweet. Treat you friends and family with easy and yummy sweet for this Diwali.


Condensed Milk             1 tin

Curd                                3 tbsp

Ghee                               1 tsp


In a microwave safe bowl , grease the bowl. The bowl should be deep and big.

Pour the condensed milk into greased bowl , add curd and mix well.

Keep in microwave for in high for 10 minutes. keep stirring for every 40 seconds.

After 8- 10 minutes, it will come as a palkova consistency.

Let it cool and serve.


After 10 minutes it may be liquid but after some it will become dry.

The microwave safe bowl should be deep and big. Otherwise it will spill over.

Keep eye on microwave for every seconds.

Linking this recipe to Friendship  5 series started by Geetha and Savitha

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